Integrated Drug Discovery (IDD)

Our IDD program models are ideal for clients who are planning a comprehensive strategy with a staged process which can be executed under a Master Services Agreement.


Project Initiation Stage
(Hit Identification)

Establish progression path

  • Establish screening assays
  • Evaluate in-house or literature hits

Hit to Lead

Identify patentable lead compounds

  • SAR development
  • Establish in vivo activity with patentable leads

Lead optimization stage

Identify preclinical compounds

  • Desirable PK and toxicological profile
  • Patent filing


Preclinical Evaluation
(Non GLP)

Finalize preclinical compound

  • Establish PK-PD correlation and toxicology in two species
  • API process chemistry

Preclinical Evaluation

Study plan for IND filing

  • Scale up and formulation of API
  • IND dossier