Screening of Biologics

We provide services customized to your target of interest that are biologically-relevant, MoA reflective, robust assays with high reproducibility in a high-throughput format to expedite your biologics screening process. A broad screening roadmap to ascertain the MoA and establish potency is described below:

Monoclonal antibodies
  • Binding, internalization kinetics, ELISA, Flow cytometry
  • Functional assays-ADCC, ADCP, CDC, cytotoxicity
Bispecifics and scFv
  • Binding (for both T cell arm and tumor arm), Flow cytometry
  • Bispecific mediated cytotoxicity assay, ADCC, ADCP
  • T cell and target cell conjugation
CAR-T cells (in vitro PoC)
  • T cell expansion (from PBMCs) and enrichment and transfection of T cells with CAR-T mRNA
  • Cancer cell and CAR-T cell co-cultures: proliferation, cytokine, cancer cell killing
Translational studies
  • Evaluation of molecules in patient derived explants, patient derived cell lines