Translational Sciences

Presude’s collaboration with local hospitals and tissue/organ repositories enables access to patient samples (blood, tissues, saliva, BALF). Our comprehensive offering working with patient samples enables you to design and conduct the most efficient clinical proof-of-concept studies and reach go/no-go decisions.


Collaboration with multiple local and national medical centers for healthy and patient samples (blood, tissues)

  • Patients: AML, Lung cancer, Head and Neck
  • Immunophenotyping
Dedicated functional assays for various immune cell subsets in human PBMCS
  • T cells (Eg: TH1, TH2, TH17 CD8, NK cells)
  • Treg, MDSCs
  • Macrophage, Dendritic cells
Functional assays using PBMCS
  • Evaluation of cytotoxicity in effector: target co-culture studies
  • Activation markers on immune cells FACS, qPCR, NGS
  • Cytokine release (Multipex/Luminex)
Technology platforms
  • NGS, qPCR, Luminex, Nanostring, Microarray